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August Newsletter

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“The art of bringing every experience to a creative end is the greatest of all arts…”  DANE RUDHYAR

I’ve been thinking about the astrological houses, as I’m offering a workshop in September, 2016 (see attached flyer) exploring the aspects and the houses.  Howard Sasportas (‘The Twelve Houses’) talks about our being ‘predisposed’ from birth to expect a particular planet (and its sign) to be connected to the house (life circumstances) that it falls in.  He also talks about Dane Rudhyar’s sense that each of the planets (and the signs they fall in) offers us ‘celestial instructions’ on how to ‘most naturally unfold (our) life-plan in that area of existence’.

As the sun moves through his own sign, of Leo, take a moment to think about where your own sun falls in relation to the houses – play with the concepts and keynotes associated with its position.  You might have sun in Aries, for example, but if it also falls in the 6th house, you may find your path and a sense of self through your daily routines and the work that occupies your time – or, equally, through attending to your health and well-being.  Your life-path may even take you into working with health-related issues – in an enthusiastic and entrepreneurial way of course (Aries)!

As the planets continue to move in their orbits, their progressed positions change houses (I also find it interesting to see where the inner character planets – up to Mars – fall in my natal houses) – and in each solar return chart, the sun falls in a new house moving clockwise (‘backward’) about 90 degrees around the chart as it does so.

From September, 2015, my solar return sun fell in the 12th house of the chart, along with Jupiter (I make reference to this in the attached social media post about the injury to my left foot).  The inner process has been profound – and I’m looking forward to the sun moving into my 9th house (with Sagittarius on the Ascendant no less) for the next solar year!

This month’s quotation is taken from Rudhyar’s ‘The Astrological Houses’ in the section which covers the 12th house and I used it back in 2010 when I was relocating to Chester.  The ‘art’ which he mentions,  “… demands… the courage to (sever ourselves) from the ghosts of the past…” and I feel I’m in that place again this year – withdrawal and retreat in order to clear the decks for the next part of the journey.  The paragraph below is taken from my newsletter of August, 2010, and still holds…

“There are always going to be loose ends that don’t tie up neatly.  We have to choose what to leave behind: those things we’re not ready to deal with; those things we’ve been carrying around too long – and to trust that we will be more able to face the ‘ghosts’ when they appear in the next cycle, as they surely will.”

Love and blessings from Helen x

‘Aspects’ and ‘Houses’

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Helen Tremeer: Astrology & Healing: Tel – 01539 736444: Mob – 07988 799728: Email – Skype – healingzodiac: Website –
Exploring the astrological ‘Aspects’ and ‘Houses’

Dates: Saturday, 10th September in Kendal, Cumbria – from 10.30am – 4.30pm – Cost: £40.00
An opportunity for self-exploration using the symbolism of astrology (including the use of music, visualisation and a large chart format for ‘tuning-in’).

We’ll be focusing on:
How the planets and angles in our charts ‘interact’ with each other: learning about the major aspects and getting a sense of how they ‘feel’ on the large chart format, with a particular emphasis on those aspects which affect the major character planets in the chart (sun, moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars).
Exploring the key concepts of the ‘houses’ of the chart and which planets ‘rule’ each of the houses and how that ‘works’.

You will receive:
A copy of your own natal chart to work with.
Relevant handouts on the houses, aspects, etc.

There will be:
Refreshments provided – and there’s plenty of scope for buying lunch in the centre of Kendal (or feel free to bring your own).

To sign up:
I need your birth details (time, place and date of birth) and a non-returnable deposit of £20.00 to book your place.

Other options (do get in touch if you’d like more information on the options below):
A beginners’ day (3rd September); a day looking at the myths and stories connected with the signs of the zodiac (1st October); a day on ‘astrology and healing’ – exploring our susceptibilities from the chart’s point of view (8th October)

July 16th Social Media My Left Foot

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Back in mid-May, 2016 I injured my left foot. Mars was retrograde at the time and triggering my natal Pluto – and transits to natal Pluto (according to Stephen Arroyo) may mark the ending of ‘an entire phase of life’. This transit isn’t finished yet, as Mars’ retrograde path means he’s now back in Scorpio, finally coming out of his own shadow towards the end of August, 2016.

At the time of the accident, I checked my progressed chart and my moon’s position was exactly square to progressed Saturn, suggesting a time of restriction – and my natal Pluto happens to make a close opposition to my natal moon as well, so there was a lunar focus here – and the moon is associated with the constitutional body, feelings, past lives, etc. (there was another past life connection in the fact that the progressed moon/Saturn angle also triggered into my nodal axis…) – added to which, my natal moon is in the sign of Pisces, associated with feet!

My natal Pluto is ruler of my 9th house of meaning, beliefs, broadening one’s horizons – and my process has been one of trying to make sense of this inner journey, getting new perspectives on old beliefs, learning new stuff about the intelligence of the plant kingdom (major wow!) and trying (succeeding mostly 😉 ) not to beat myself up for the slow recovery process, which has keyed into the deeply sensitive child (moon) that I was (that I am now able to embrace and care for in a different way thanks to the work I’ve been doing before and since the accident).

My Mc (associated with ‘public face’) was also receiving transits from Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune at the time of the incident.

One of my astrologer friends suggested I have a look at my solar return for 2015-16 to shed a bit more light on the proceedings – and there was another revelation! I knew that my solar return sun was in the 12th house of the unconscious (the house often associated with ‘incarceration’), but Jupiter, my Mc ruler was also in the 12th and exactly opposed by Neptune (natural ruler of the 12th). Emphasis in the cadent houses in the solar return (which I only tend to use for confirmation of other things when I’m working – perhaps that needs to change 😉 ) is said to be more likely to affect the last 4 months of the return (in my case mid-May to mid-September)!!

Today was my first real solo walkabout (19th July) in Kendal town since mid-May and the sun was shining! I feel like I’m learning to walk again! I have an acute awareness of how all of my body is involved in taking one step forward – and a greater understanding of why toddlers fall over so many times! This all fits very well with the present moon in Capricorn (ruling the skeletal system), and I’m aware of a shift forwards which is not only connected to my mobility. I decided to look at how tonight’s full moon impacts my chart and discovered that the closest transit is a conjunction to my natal Mercury (which rules co-ordination) from Jupiter (new possibilities and hope for the future), with my progressed moon now approaching a trine (harmony and ease) to progressed Jupiter too, so the future looks more rosy all round…

N.B. The manifestation of all these triggers did not have to be an injury to my foot, but the patterns and synchronicities (acausal) can be really helpful in making sense of life at times…

July Newsletter

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“One of the functions of the outer planets is that they crack the shell of conventional morality, in order to allow a different and deeper kind of morality to emerge.  Or… they push a person into discovering what his real morality is, rather than what he thought it was.”  LIZ GREENE (from ‘The Outer Planets & Their Cycles: The Astrology of the Collective’)

Pluto is currently retrograde in Capricorn (16degrees23 as I write), with Neptune retrograde in Pisces (11degrees58) squaring Saturn (the last planet that can be seen with the naked eye) retrograde in Sagittarius (in the same degree).  Uranus goes retrograde at the end of July, 2016 and is presently at 24Aries10.

If you have planets (or angles) in the cardinal signs around 16 degrees or in the mutable signs around 11 degrees, you’re currently experiencing a challenging outer planet transit (add to this, Chiron in Pisces which has recently turned retrograde and is affecting the mutable signs around 25 degrees)!  The outer planets spend a lot of time going backwards and forwards over the same degrees, so their transits can last for anything up to two years (and, more than that at times, if you have planets over several degrees which aspect each other in the chart).

Pluto is the bringer of deep transformation, Neptune of dissolution and refinement, Uranus of sudden, unexpected and often shocking events – with Chiron reminding us of the woundedness of our humanity.

There was a yod formation (two planets 60 degrees apart pointing to a third planet 150 degrees from both) between Uranus, Venus and Mars (Mars at the apex) during the week from 12th June, 2016 (the week that began with news of the Orlando massacre and included the murder of Jo Cox).  The quincunx (150 degrees) between Uranus and Mars goes on for most of July (quincunx suggesting a need for adjustment or compromise, and Mars/Uranus being a particularly volatile combination), but the yod has dissipated now that the sun and Venus have moved into Cancer.

According to Karen Hamaker-Zondag, some of the qualities of a yod formation are about plans falling apart and a lack of control over circumstances, feeling like we’re ‘manoeuvring in incomprehensible circumstance’ and having to make ‘impossible choices’.  The presence of a stationing Mars (getting ready to turn direct, which it did on 29th June, 2016) at the apex of the yod likely reemphasised the energy swings and general frustration of this position – and hooked into some of the deeply buried feelings of the sign of Scorpio (where Mars is just now).

For me, the Uranus/Mars combination managed to form a transiting yod with the sun/Chiron aspect in my own chart – and I’ve been going nowhere fast for the past few weeks, due to an injury to my left foot!

We can work on ourselves (and I believe we need to in order to stay centred enough to navigate this thing called life on earth), but it’s more difficult with a country.  Liz Greene was talking about the natal chart of the country of Russia in the quotation below (ibid), but feel free to substitute something much closer to home 😉 ):

“If this were a person, I would send him into analysis immediately.”

Love and blessings in these chaotic times,

Helen x

June Newsletter

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“To know how cherries and strawberries taste, ask children and birds.”  GOETHE

I find Gemini (ruler of children and birds of course!) fascinating, and its position on my 4th house cusp suggests that its energies are involved with finding my roots.  If you don’t have any planets or angles in Gemini, take a look where it falls in your own chart for more information on how you relate personally to these energies…

The words of Goethe above are quoted in a book by Stephen Harrod Buhner (‘Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm: Beyond the Doors of Perception into the Dreaming of the Earth’), which I’m avidly working my way through just now, after reading an article of his which was shared on an online forum.  This got me thinking about the passage of Venus through Gemini and her connection with the Higher Mind as this sign’s esoteric ruler.  The quotation below is from the article (‘The Lost Language of Plants’):

“Among the Iroquois, it has been said that if a person becomes ill and needs a plant for healing the plant will stand up and begin calling, helping the person who is ill to find it. To a Heliconius butterfly, a honeybee, or a moth this would not be strange; they would understand.”

Steven Forrest (‘The Inner Sky’) talks about the sign of Gemini as being about perception (‘the way we see, feel, hear and smell all the phantasmagoria that surrounds us’ – ibid) rather than about communication per se.  He talks about the Geminian need to stretch ourselves beyond what doesn’t fit the paradigms we were ‘indoctrinated’ with (take a look at Don Miguel Ruiz and ‘The Four Agreements’ for more about this), ‘maintaining that wide open, totally receptive state… not thinking so much as seeing’ (ibid).

The systems of our culture often stultify the ‘totally receptive state’ that we’re born with, causing us to lose touch with the innate intelligence of all ‘beings’ and concentrating on our sense of ‘superiority’ as humans.  But Stephen Harrod Buhner ( in ‘Plant Intelligence’) talks about the way we can override the ‘programs’ and reconnect with the greater whole by re-focusing (e.g., attending to the smallest detail of a plant and tuning into how it feels), contacting that part of us that is still ‘child’ in order to access a more receptive state, and/or by shifting into an altered state of consciousness (with meditation or shamanic journeying for example).

We’re approaching a Grand Cross in the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) which is challenging our belief systems.  Neptune in Pisces could help us to dissolve the old paradigms or, equally, to drown in a sea of addictive behaviours.  Jupiter in Virgo could help us to attend to the detail as we focus or to become mired in constant worrying.  Saturn in Sagittarius could help us to redefine our beliefs or to remain stuck in them (none of this is fixed in stone).  And the new moon in Gemini closely conjunct Venus (the fourth arm of this Grand Cross on 5th June, 2016) might mark the beginning of a new path… a new consciousness… a new openness… we have a choice!

Love and blessings,

Helen x

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“Taking it in its deepest sense, the shadow is the invisible saurian tail that man still drags behind him.  Carefully amputated, it becomes the healing serpent of the mysteries.  Only monkeys parade with it.”  CARL JUNG

Mercury began his retrograde (from 23Taurus36) on 28th April, 2016, turning direct on 22nd May at 14Taurus20.  This is happening during Mars’ bi-annual retrograde (see attached Social Media post for more information on that), with Mercury’s station direct happening on the same day as the Mars/sun opposition mentioned (ibid).

I’ve been drawn to contemplating ‘shadow’ and ‘projection’ just recently.  Bill Plotkin (‘Soulcraft’) talks about the shadow holding something sacred – our deepest passion (positive Mars, perhaps?) and, as it begins to emerge in our work with it, “when awareness of (our) passion begins to return, (we) don’t recognise it at first because it (has) been mislabeled” (ibid).

Gregg Braden’s video talking about the 7 Essene Mirrors chimed in with this process for me, helping to make sense of relationship issues through looking at how what we judge (or are in thrall to) in another could be something of ourselves that we have suppressed, something that we unconsciously judge or, equally, something of ourselves that we have given away, had taken away or lost which we see mirrored to us in the Other and mistake it (oftentimes) for ‘falling in love’.

It strikes me that the synchronicity of both Mars and Mercury retrograde in these next few weeks offers us an opportunity for deepened reflection upon our thoughts and the way we communicate them, as well as on the things we are passionate about and how we might act on them (in due course as the retrograde period is likely to hold things back).

For me, Mars’ retrograde through my 9th house brought a dream about a man who I knew as the minister of a church I attended years ago, chiming in with the Sagittarian theme as well as the words of an article which suggested that men from the past might ‘reappear’ during Mars’ retrograde periods – and, perhaps triggering this deeper look into the meaning of the ‘mirrors’?  I see Mercury in Taurus (traveling back from my 3rd into my 2nd), grounding the process of reflection and focus as I put words to my recent experience.

If you’re interested in working with your own astrological chart, I have a beginners’ workshop (in Kendal) coming up on Saturday, 4th June (with just a couple of places left) and I’m also offering a workshop looking at the astrological myths and stories on 11th June.  Individual consultations, tutorials and healing work also available, with the possibility of a beginners’ 6-week evening course in Kendal – do get in touch if you’re interested.

Love and Beltane Blessings!

Helen x

April Newsletter

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“Every one of us inevitably carries through life a piece of pathology, psychic or somatic, which cannot be ‘healed away’.  To this we have to relate as to a reminder of our limitations in being human.”  EDWARD C. WHITMONT, M.D.

During this time of Chiron’s inexorable path through Pisces, we’re at a ‘moment’ of great challenge in the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces).  Jupiter in Virgo is passing backwards and forwards over the opposition to Chiron (as well as over the square to Saturn), with Saturn in Sagittarius moving backwards and forwards over the square to Neptune in Pisces.  If your natal Chiron is in Pisces, that ‘piece of pathology’ (see quotation above) is likely to be related to a lack of boundaries, a need to ‘lose yourself’ in something larger, or, perhaps a sense of overwhelming grief (what Melanie Reinhart refers to as ‘existential’ and ‘archetypal’ grief – a connection with the pain of the whole world!)

Jupiter’s aspects with Chiron (as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before) often bring a strong sense of mission – with a subsequent painful letting go of that inflated sense of self which longs to ‘save the world’.  If Jupiter’s transits bring the challenges that throw us back on the path we’ve strayed from (paraphrasing Eric Meyers), and Chiron faces us with the unhealed parts of ourselves that we thought we’d nicely tucked away, then we might well be feeling the strain…

Jupiter’s dance with Saturn could involve the latter ‘calling time’ (‘enough of that – you’ve failed, let it go’) or, equally, urging us to discipline and structure to help mould our purpose.  There’s often a swinging between great optimism and an equally great pessimism when these two planets are interacting (whether natally or by transit).

And then there’s the on-going Saturn/Neptune square, which I was musing about back in December, 2015 (some of my questioning from that newsletter below):

“Stepping beyond the bounds… not making a fitting sacrifice… getting our priorities the wrong way around… are these the challenges of Saturn squaring Neptune?  And, as a global community, are things such as genetically-modified food and cloning (not forgetting the present world situation around who is responsible for terrorist attacks and the care of thousands of ‘refugees’…) leading us once more into regrettable outcomes?”

If there are big decisions relating to release and renunciation in our lives just now, perhaps we can take some solace from the idea of the ‘multiverse’ where all of our different ‘visions’ are being enacted as we simultaneously take our steps through the one (universe) that we’re aware of?  And perhaps there’s still time left to step into a new sense of purpose in this one?   In the words of one of the first books that drew me to different ways of thinking:

“Here’s a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished: If you’re alive, it isn’t.”  RICHARD BACH

Love and blessings from Helen x

P.S. Add to all this Mars’ (passion and assertion) retrograde in Sagittarius mid-April! More about that on social media nearer the time…

March Newsletter

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“Writing your name can lead to writing sentences.  And the next thing you’ll be doing is writing paragraphs, and then books.  And then you’ll be in as much trouble as I am!”  HENRY DAVID THOREAU

As we approach next week’s new moon in Pisces (Wednesday, 9th March – 18Pisces56 – 1:56 GMT), I’m in a constant state of inner restlessness (perhaps due to the yod I mentioned on social media a couple of days ago which is affecting my Ascendant degree – I’m attaching a copy for those of you who haven’t seen it) – and yet, that’s not quite it!  I’m watching my energy shift and focus for a moment before it shifts again!  I’m finding it quite interesting that I can sense the shift, give attention to something that needs doing, and then allow the drift towards the next focus.

The apex of the yod mentioned in my social media post is Jupiter in Virgo – that’s where a triangular formation in a chart ‘releases’ according to Dane Rudhyar.  In this case it might be some sort of expansion (Jupiter) into endless detail (Virgo)!  Stephen Arroyo talks about self-improvement as a ‘lifelong mission’ for those born with Jupiter in Virgo – and he uses the example of the Japanese artist, Hokusai (with several natal planets in Virgo) who was apparently able to draw ‘a perfect sparrow on a grain of rice’!

The resolution of a triangular configuration in the chart (e.g. a yod or a T-square) is always the point opposite the apex – the degree where next week’s new moon will fall, in fact – so perhaps my drifting attention (Pisces) is seeking resolution – the drifting in and out of focus an aid to getting things done?

The balsamic phase of the moon begins on the evening of 5th March (that letting go/melting-pot phase that comes before the new moon itself), and at the time of the new moon, Mercury, Neptune, Ceres, sun, moon and Chiron will all be in the sign of the Fishes.

Henry David Thoreau (quoted above) was born with a yod formation which had Jupiter in Sagittarius at the apex (Mars, Mercury and the moon are at the base of the  yod) and, on entering the chart details into my computer program I also found another yod which apexes on the sun (coming from a base of Neptune sextile Ascendant).  His Aquarian Ascendant is just a degree away from my own and I found a quotation about friendship (Aquarius) whilst browsing some of his words on the Internet this afternoon:

“Friendship is never established as an understood relation.  It is a miracle which requires constant proofs.  It is an exercise of the purest imagination and of the rarest faith.”

I now feel drawn to read more than just the quotations of this man who walked to a different beat (I find there’s often a chart connection with those important ‘others’ in our lives, whether in this time-frame or another…)

Love and blessings as we approach this eclipse time of year!

Helen x

February Newsletter

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“I’m a little groundhog, it’s my day. Wake and stretch, go out and play. Down in my burrow, down so deep, Time to wake from my long winter’s sleep.”  ANON (Quoted in )

In our culture, we start the year on January 1st  – and the Chinese (perhaps more wisely) wait until the lunar Imbolc (new moon in Aquarius) to begin their year.  I’m most definitely a little groundhog (Groundhog Day 2nd February 😉 ) that doesn’t want to venture forth into ‘newness’ until I can sense the season turning (and with the strength of the earth element in my chart that can easily tip over into complete inertia)!

As I write there’s a conjunction of the moon to Mars in Scorpio, suggesting a strong need to protect our loved ones, but perhaps an equally strong likelihood of emotional challenge and conflict (Scorpio’s energy takes us into the realm of shadow and unconscious triggers).  The quincunx (150 degrees) to Uranus in Aries (from moon and Mars) may well exacerbate the likelihood of some kind of passionate outburst (I was certainly feeling a tension as I sat down to write and was comforted to see it ‘written’ so graphically in the planetary connections).  With the Uranus/Pluto square still ‘happening’ (the constant pitting of the ‘revolutionary’ against the ‘constitution’), it’s no wonder things feel tense today (and we just passed the last quarter moon of course, as well)!

A great time to ‘go deep’ though, and work with the energies: journeying, meditation, therapeutic interchange, etc. – and do take some time to ‘tune in’ before ‘acting out’!

The moon is in Scorpio until mid-afternoon on 2nd February; Mars is in Scorpio until 6th March – and dips back in there during its up-coming retrograde (Mars back in Scorpio from 28th May until 3rd August).  The quincunx of Mars to Uranus comes to a head on 5th February!

For me just now, Saturn is sitting in my 10th house, so I had a look back to when he was in the 4th (laying the foundations for now) to get some perspective.  I was certainly learning a lot about the modalities that I practise now – time to ‘redefine’ my role, perhaps… If you take a look at the house/sign where Saturn sits in your natal chart, there’s often a sense of lack, struggle – or testing in that area.  And the house that he’s moving through now (14Sagittarius10 as I write) is the area of life that is ripe for some work to be done in your own life.

Do get in touch if you would like to look more closely at working with the planets in your own chart.  And I still have some plans to hold classes and workshops in the near future, but the energy there seems to be still very firmly in hibernation!

Blessings for Imbolc and the unfolding of the year!

Helen x

P.S.  Attaching some text I wrote on social media about Mercury’s recent station direct.

New Year 2016

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“Jupiter seeks general principles and universal ideas, whilst Mercury is a critic and commentator, an annotator of margins.”  CHARLES CARTER

“Dig within.  Within is the foundation of good, and it will ever bubble up if you will ever dig.”  MARCUS AURELIUS

Mercury is slowing down to retrograde (from 5th January, 2016) as I write, and I’ve been aware of carefully gathering together the threads of what I want to say and editing out the ‘overflow’.  He’s in the first degree of Aquarius just now, but retrogrades back to 14Capricorn55 by 25th January when he turns around again.  Jupiter is also ‘on the turn’!  His retrograde begins at 23Virgo14 on 7th January, 2016.

According to Erin Sullivan, “The process of insemination and active waiting, putting an idea or plan of action on the ‘back burner’ for incubation and maturation, is an attribute of all retrograde cycles.”  Mercury’s retrograde through an earth sign (Capricorn) may signal the necessity of dealing with unfinished business – the practicalities of life – and fits very well with the season of winter, which also encourages us to make endings, go inwards, be still…  Mercury’s ‘peeping’ into the air sign of Aquarius before turning may also bring reflection on relationship (especially if you have planets around the first degree of this sign).

Jupiter’s movement through the signs brings a sense of buoyancy, expansion and visions for the future (he’s been in Virgo since early August, 2015 and will be moving back to 13Virgo15 in early May, 2016).  During his retrograde there may well be a ‘crisis of faith’, a need to spend some time evaluating our personal beliefs and ethical code and perhaps some consequences to face around taking on too much.  The exciting possibilities that fall away during this time may well be seen in retrospect as a ‘blessing in disguise’.

Give it time…

For myself, Mercury’s influence is mostly in my 12th house this time, re-emphasising withdrawal and ‘seed time’.  Jupiter stationing affects my sun, so time for pause perhaps, before launching into new pathways…?  I resonated with the above quotation from Marcus Aurelius who shares my natal Jupiter in Scorpio (both quotations are taken from Stephen Arroyo’s book ‘Exploring Jupiter’).

I’m offering a new written ‘taster’ reading based on the personal planets of your chart (template attached) at £15.00, which can then be used as a ‘deposit’ on a more detailed reading if you choose, and a 6-week beginners’ course on Monday evenings in Kendal – from 8th February, 2016 (£90.00 including a free ‘taster’ reading).  Also thinking about a beginners’ day workshop (either 13th or 20th February from 10.30am-4.30pm) and a story workshop on 9th or 16th April (same format).  Do let me know if you’re interested or would like more information on any of these options.

Wishing you and yours a very happy 2016!

Love and blessings,

Helen x