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June 2015

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“All the answers are already there.  All the lessons you need to learn you’ve already learned on some plane or another.”  (Solomon speaks…)

The sun is in Gemini and, today, the moon is approaching fullness in the opposite sign of Sagittarius (16:20 GMT at 11Sagittarius49).  Gemini is the air sign, gathering all the clues, the facts and observing this fascinating world.  Sagittarius is the fire sign, seeking the meaning of all that Gemini gathers… and this month’s full moon is illuminating our understanding, helping us to see the ‘bigger picture’.

Leading up to this full moon in Sagittarius, we’ve had a time of ‘disjunction’ where nothing seemed to fit – the energies were at odds with each other.  There’s still an element of that with a continuing yod formation between Mars, Jupiter and Pluto creating what I feel as a ‘pinball’ effect in the areas of passion/irritation (Mars), expansion/philosophising (Jupiter) and power/destiny (Pluto).  Perhaps you’re feeling thwarted and lacking perspective?  Perhaps there’s an urge to pin down those things you have no control over?

Mercury continues retrograde until the late evening of 11th June, so we’ve a while to go yet ;).  It’s certainly been an interesting retrograde so far (it retrograded from the exact degree of my 4th house of home and family), with scaffolding erected outside our flat without notice on the day of the new moon, broken window panes and waste pipes – and a newly-formulated website for Astrology & Healing (that last one is looking good)!

I started this newsletter with the knowing that ‘all the answers… are there’ (see quotation above) – it resonated with me in my contemplations this morning, along with a strong sense that the problems of accessing the answers often lie in not really knowing what the question is or, perhaps, in having asked the wrong question or chosen the wrong time.  In his re-telling of the myth of Parsifal (, Kev Martin says that Parsifal’s question was not answered, “for with this question, to ask well is also to answer,” so maybe the answer that we seek is contained within the question at some level (and it did result in the healing of the Fisher King)?

I have a series of bi-monthly workshops on offer and the next ones are on Saturday, 13th June, 2015.  In the morning (10.30am-1pm) we’ll be exploring the astrological qualities or modes (cardinal, fixed and mutable) and applying them to our own charts, and in the afternoon (2-4.30pm) it will be more ‘ad lib’.  You can sign up for these separately (£18.00 each) or together (£32.00 for the day).  Do get in touch if you would like more information.

Love and full moon blessings at this time of the full moon in Sagittarius…

Helen x