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“All my life I have been a witness of things among which I keep witnessing the eternal unfitness of things.  Daily it is my wont to notice how things that were meant to fit each other, don’t.” OGDEN NASH

Here we are in Virgo season again – and, as Mercury (Virgo’s ruler) is backtracking in hir own sign (and, yes, Hermes is an hermaphroditic/androgynous energy so ‘hir’ is the word I meant to write) I’m finding the Nash quotation rather more than ‘fitting’ just now (perhaps because my own natal Mercury sits in Virgo – not all Mercurys have the same susceptibilities).  And I do like playing with words!

So… looking at the ‘big’ planetary transits for those of us with mutable tendencies (planets and/or angles in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) this month… with our love of sharing ideas, doing what we ‘should’, struggling to plan ahead and swinging from inner processing to what’s going on ‘out there’ (and back again of course):

Saturn is in Sagittarius (until December, 2017) and has recently stationed direct at 21degrees10.  He’s been testing the beliefs and limiting the freedom of this sign since September, 2015 (you might even feel your sense of humour has been stifled at times – ugh!).  Saturn is a hard taskmaster and he’s showing us where the work needs to be done.  (In the, perhaps unlikely, event that we’ve completed all the work, he’s not averse to giving credit where it’s due 😉 ).

Neptune is in Pisces of course (for the foreseeable future) and working in quite the opposite mode to Saturn – things feel confusing with Neptune, and inertia takes over at times, sensitivity is upped and we need to watch out for those rose-coloured glasses (what seems like an invitation to bask with the mermaids might just feel like drowning when you dive in).  If you’re being Neptuned right now (he’s at 13 degrees Pisces and retrograde) you need to set aside time to dream and visualize (you can see how that doesn’t necessarily fit very well with the Saturnian urge to get the work done) and ‘cut yourself some slack’.  Not a good time (usually an 18-month ‘plus’ transit) to be making radical decisions.

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Chiron’s present passage through Pisces is also retrograde (he’s at around 28 degrees just now and doesn’t leave the sign completely until late February, 2019) and his energy is often helpful in promoting acceptance of those things we can’t change/that don’t fit.

We also have Venus moving from Leo to Virgo on 20th September, moving our senses and values from the more flamboyant to something which ‘makes sense’ perhaps?

I’m on holiday from Sunday, 3rd through Sunday, 10th September so this newsletter is coming out a little earlier than usual.  Please refer to my website pages for flower essences and tissue salts that are helpful for the mutable signs as I’m running out of my self-allotted space (Gemini is an air sign, Virgo, earth, Sagittarius, fire and Pisces, water) – link here

If you’re interested in my Astrology & Healing workshop (includes exploration of flower essences, etc.) which is on offer on Sunday, 1st October in Kendal, Cumbria, please do get in touch as places are limited.

Love and blessings as the seasons shift.

Helen x