June Workshop Gemini

By 16th May 2019newsletter

Tuning into Astrology Afternoon Workshop – Gemini, 2019 – with Helen Tremeer

An opportunity for self-exploration using the symbolism of astrology:

  • An afternoon exploring the energies of Gemini and its ruler, Mercury (with reference to your own natal chart and current transits and progressions)
  • To include:
    • Associated music, poetry, myths and stories
    • Visualisation
    • A large chart format for sensing the energies
    • Associated healing modalities

You will receive:

  • A copy of your own natal chart to work with
  • Relevant handouts on the astrological elements, qualities, planets and signs


  • From 1.30-4.30pm on Sunday, 2nd June, 2019 in Kendal, Cumbria
  • Cost: £25.00 including refreshments
  • B. This is a small group experience – only 6 places available!

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