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“Feelings stretching back through time/Beyond time/To a space where I felt you moving/And longed to be touched/Can we peel off the layers of pain/The eons of hurting and torment/And touch the ecstasy that almost was?”  HELEN TREMEER 2001

Venus conjunct Jupiter (21/22 degrees Leo) – the first of three conjunctions as we await Venus’ retrograde path towards the end of July (from 25th July, 2015 at 0Virgo46 to 6th September, 2015 at 14Leo23).  I’ve been reading about ‘Big Love’ and the ‘re-enactment’ of the Star of Bethlehem (as this is the closest conjunction of these two heavenly bodies for about 2000 years according to NASA), but I wasn’t feeling the ‘wonder’ of it at all!

Chiron’s position in Pisces was making a close quincunx aspect (150 degrees) on the day of the exact conjunction (30th June, 2015), and I was feeling the pain of the seeming impossibility of reconciliation (in a personal sense as well as on the ‘world stage’).  As with any quincunx aspect, it is so difficult for the emotional overwhelm of Pisces to sit easily with Leo’s luxurious fire!  The two energies have to work to find a way of ‘seeing’ each other, which often involves the subtle art of knowing when to compromise.  Alan Epstein, in his book about this aspect talks about it having, “… the capability of inducing or challenging others to reassess their beliefs and entertain different possibilities…” (now that’s certainly something to aspire to!)

Chiron is retrograde just now, and back-tracking over ground covered since May, 2014, and Saturn’s retrograde into the last degrees of Scorpio (he’s in the sign until 18th September, 2015) is likely to heighten the intensity of the water (emotional) energy.

Turning all this around, there’s work to be done!  What a great opportunity for working to heal those old wounds, for growing our compassion for those aspects which are (to date) ‘unhealed’, for re-building our faith and re-working our values!  This isn’t an overnight ‘cure’, though – it takes time.  To illustrate, here’s another quotation from Melanie Reinhart on the transits of Chiron (used in a recent social media post):

“…while waiting for the new centre to be created and to emerge, we need to make allowances for the fact that we may be off-balance for a considerable period of time…”

What about using this time of Venus’ retrograde to commit to your own journey of healing (whatever that might be for you)?

Love and blessings from Helen x

P.S. Venus conjuncts Jupiter again in early August (28/29 degrees Leo) and late October, 2015 (15/16 degrees Virgo) and I have a workshop day looking at transits on Saturday, 8th August, 2015 (do get in touch for more information).