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“The unexamined life is not worth living.”  SOCRATES

At the autumn equinox (which coincides with the sun’s ingress into Libra) we move into the season of reflection (a Libran theme) – a time to examine how this year has gone since the wheel started turning at the spring equinox (sun into Aries).  And with Jupiter’s presence in Libra since 9th September, 2016, you may have found reflection high on the agenda – alongside things such as balance and peace, impartiality and fairness, ethics and morality, relationship and beauty.

We might think of the lunation cycle as an action/reflection cycle in miniature:

The last new moon (20th September, 2017 at 27Virgo27) coincided with Venus’ (Libra’s ruler) ingress into Virgo, where she joined Mercury and Mars.  Tracy Marks talks about us ‘instinctively expressing the energy of the lunation sign’ at the new moon (in the area/house where it falls in our own charts – take particular notice if it conjuncts a planet or angle in your own chart), focusing in this instance on the Virgoan qualities of purity and single-mindedness or, equally, on the nit-picking and critical tendencies of this sign.  This last new moon is to be followed by a full moon in dynamic Aries (5th October – 19:41 hrs BST at 12Aries43 opposite sun in Libra in the same degree).  The full moon brings awareness, prompting a decision, perhaps, to act on at the time of the next new moon and/or consequences to reflect on (or deal with) of what we ‘seeded’ at the previous new moon.

Interestingly, Venus (ruler of the sun’s position) and Mars (ruler of the moon’s position) make an exact conjunction in Virgo at the time of October’s full moon, bringing together and blending the energies of diplomacy and passion, fairness and self-centredness in a sign which may help us to integrate the opposites and find a way forward that ‘works’.  Mercury (which is also in mutual reception with Venus just now – a helpful happenstance) is also building to the superior conjunction with the sun in Libra, bringing conversation to the fore – let’s talk about it!

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Jupiter moves into Scorpio on 10th October and Eric Meyers (in his newsletter) suggested that it might feel like Hallowe’en for a year!  I have Jupiter in Scorpio natally by the way, so what does that mean for us ‘native’ Jupiter in Scorpios I wonder (Jupiter’s cycle takes approximately 12 years)?  😉

If you’re interested in exploring astrology online (beginners and long-term explorers welcome), I’ve recently launched a new group on Facebook called ‘Working with Astrology’ (a closed group so our discussions don’t show up on the general timeline).  If you’re more ‘hands-on’ and would be interested in a monthly tutorial group in Kendal (I’m looking at one for on-going explorers just now, but would consider a beginners group given enough interest) do let me know.  I’m also in process of rearranging the Kendal Astrology & Healing workshop – changing it from Sunday 1st October to Sunday, 29th October (from 10.30am-4.30pm) and Sophie Reed (of has invited me to do an afternoon workshop (Astrology & Healing) in Whitehaven on Sunday, 15th October.  If you’re interested in joining us for that one, please email

Love and blessings,

Helen x