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“… constellations are arbitrary groupings of stars that have no actual boundaries, zodiac signs are precise geometric angles derived from the equinoctial and solstice points that divide the year into four quarters (seasons).”

A quotation from the linked article by Glenn Perry in answer to NASA’s claim that there’s a thirteenth zodiac sign.  He asks us to consider the zodiac as a kind of clock where, “…it is the angle the earth makes to the vernal equinox that determines a sign… not the… constellation behind it.”

“But what if I don’t feel like a Libran (the sun’s sign at this time of year)?”  “Might there be something in NASA’s claim?”

My answer is that the sun’s sign doesn’t make up your whole chart.  With sun in Libra, your moon (feelings and needs) could be in any of the twelve signs, depending on the lunar cycles (the moon is in Scorpio today).  With sun in Libra, your way of communicating and thinking (Mercury) might be coloured by Virgo, Libra or Scorpio, depending on the movement of Mercury prior to the sun going into this sign (we’ve just come through one of Mercury’s tri-yearly retrogrades, which shifts hir position in relation to the sun.  The astrological sun is also associated with how you might experience your ‘significant other’, or even your father.  Are you getting the picture?  Your chart is a complex as you are!

A strong, centred Libran energy is a great mediator, looking to bring a peaceful solution to strife in any form.  In the body, Libra rules homeostasis – that constant readjustment of temperature and chemical balance in the body, which helps to keep us within the bounds of health.  Libra’s ability to tolerate and accept another’s point of view (what Steven and Jodie Forrest refer to as “a high tolerance for paradox and ambiguity”) can also lead to ‘bending over backwards’ to accommodate the other.  Once we lose that centre of balance in ourselves, it’s not surprising that decision-making becomes difficult and we find ourselves in the constant role of pacifier – trying to avoid ‘upsetting the apple-cart’ by not saying what we mean/doing what we want.

You might have planets (or angles) in Libra and be able to relate to this.  You definitely have Libra somewhere in your chart – it’s a part of the wheel of the zodiac.  Have a look at which house begins in Libra for you (counting anti-clockwise from the Ascendant which is the cusp of the first house).  With Libra on the third, for instance, you might have no difficulty speaking your mind in most circumstances, but if something happens with the neighbours you have to ‘keep the peace’.  The third house has other associations, e.g., siblings, cousins, the school you go to, your thought-processes and skills, so there are lots of examples that would fit Libra on the third – it’s not ‘fixed in stone’!

Libra is being challenged just now by Uranus (22Aries59), Pluto (14Capricorn56), Jupiter (5Libra10) and Mars (4Capricorn04).  Uranus’ energy challenges us with truth and unexpected events and Pluto’s energy with what we need to let go of/transform.  Jupiter’s energy expands what it touches, so the Libran energy feels ‘centre-stage’ just now.  And Mars (into Capricorn 27th September, 2016) challenges Libra to take action, to be more forthright – to choose!

Love and blessings in this lovely autumn weather, from Helen x