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“Every one of us inevitably carries through life a piece of pathology, psychic or somatic, which cannot be ‘healed away’.  To this we have to relate as to a reminder of our limitations in being human.”  EDWARD C. WHITMONT, M.D.

During this time of Chiron’s inexorable path through Pisces, we’re at a ‘moment’ of great challenge in the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces).  Jupiter in Virgo is passing backwards and forwards over the opposition to Chiron (as well as over the square to Saturn), with Saturn in Sagittarius moving backwards and forwards over the square to Neptune in Pisces.  If your natal Chiron is in Pisces, that ‘piece of pathology’ (see quotation above) is likely to be related to a lack of boundaries, a need to ‘lose yourself’ in something larger, or, perhaps a sense of overwhelming grief (what Melanie Reinhart refers to as ‘existential’ and ‘archetypal’ grief – a connection with the pain of the whole world!)

Jupiter’s aspects with Chiron (as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before) often bring a strong sense of mission – with a subsequent painful letting go of that inflated sense of self which longs to ‘save the world’.  If Jupiter’s transits bring the challenges that throw us back on the path we’ve strayed from (paraphrasing Eric Meyers), and Chiron faces us with the unhealed parts of ourselves that we thought we’d nicely tucked away, then we might well be feeling the strain…

Jupiter’s dance with Saturn could involve the latter ‘calling time’ (‘enough of that – you’ve failed, let it go’) or, equally, urging us to discipline and structure to help mould our purpose.  There’s often a swinging between great optimism and an equally great pessimism when these two planets are interacting (whether natally or by transit).

And then there’s the on-going Saturn/Neptune square, which I was musing about back in December, 2015 (some of my questioning from that newsletter below):

“Stepping beyond the bounds… not making a fitting sacrifice… getting our priorities the wrong way around… are these the challenges of Saturn squaring Neptune?  And, as a global community, are things such as genetically-modified food and cloning (not forgetting the present world situation around who is responsible for terrorist attacks and the care of thousands of ‘refugees’…) leading us once more into regrettable outcomes?”

If there are big decisions relating to release and renunciation in our lives just now, perhaps we can take some solace from the idea of the ‘multiverse’ where all of our different ‘visions’ are being enacted as we simultaneously take our steps through the one (universe) that we’re aware of?  And perhaps there’s still time left to step into a new sense of purpose in this one?   In the words of one of the first books that drew me to different ways of thinking:

“Here’s a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished: If you’re alive, it isn’t.”  RICHARD BACH

Love and blessings from Helen x

P.S. Add to all this Mars’ (passion and assertion) retrograde in Sagittarius mid-April! More about that on social media nearer the time…