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August 2016

August Newsletter

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“The art of bringing every experience to a creative end is the greatest of all arts…”  DANE RUDHYAR

I’ve been thinking about the astrological houses, as I’m offering a workshop in September, 2016 (see attached flyer) exploring the aspects and the houses.  Howard Sasportas (‘The Twelve Houses’) talks about our being ‘predisposed’ from birth to expect a particular planet (and its sign) to be connected to the house (life circumstances) that it falls in.  He also talks about Dane Rudhyar’s sense that each of the planets (and the signs they fall in) offers us ‘celestial instructions’ on how to ‘most naturally unfold (our) life-plan in that area of existence’.

As the sun moves through his own sign, of Leo, take a moment to think about where your own sun falls in relation to the houses – play with the concepts and keynotes associated with its position.  You might have sun in Aries, for example, but if it also falls in the 6th house, you may find your path and a sense of self through your daily routines and the work that occupies your time – or, equally, through attending to your health and well-being.  Your life-path may even take you into working with health-related issues – in an enthusiastic and entrepreneurial way of course (Aries)!

As the planets continue to move in their orbits, their progressed positions change houses (I also find it interesting to see where the inner character planets – up to Mars – fall in my natal houses) – and in each solar return chart, the sun falls in a new house moving clockwise (‘backward’) about 90 degrees around the chart as it does so.

From September, 2015, my solar return sun fell in the 12th house of the chart, along with Jupiter (I make reference to this in the attached social media post about the injury to my left foot).  The inner process has been profound – and I’m looking forward to the sun moving into my 9th house (with Sagittarius on the Ascendant no less) for the next solar year!

This month’s quotation is taken from Rudhyar’s ‘The Astrological Houses’ in the section which covers the 12th house and I used it back in 2010 when I was relocating to Chester.  The ‘art’ which he mentions,  “… demands… the courage to (sever ourselves) from the ghosts of the past…” and I feel I’m in that place again this year – withdrawal and retreat in order to clear the decks for the next part of the journey.  The paragraph below is taken from my newsletter of August, 2010, and still holds…

“There are always going to be loose ends that don’t tie up neatly.  We have to choose what to leave behind: those things we’re not ready to deal with; those things we’ve been carrying around too long – and to trust that we will be more able to face the ‘ghosts’ when they appear in the next cycle, as they surely will.”

Love and blessings from Helen x

‘Aspects’ and ‘Houses’

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Helen Tremeer: Astrology & Healing: Tel – 01539 736444: Mob – 07988 799728: Email – Skype – healingzodiac: Website –
Exploring the astrological ‘Aspects’ and ‘Houses’

Dates: Saturday, 10th September in Kendal, Cumbria – from 10.30am – 4.30pm – Cost: £40.00
An opportunity for self-exploration using the symbolism of astrology (including the use of music, visualisation and a large chart format for ‘tuning-in’).

We’ll be focusing on:
How the planets and angles in our charts ‘interact’ with each other: learning about the major aspects and getting a sense of how they ‘feel’ on the large chart format, with a particular emphasis on those aspects which affect the major character planets in the chart (sun, moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars).
Exploring the key concepts of the ‘houses’ of the chart and which planets ‘rule’ each of the houses and how that ‘works’.

You will receive:
A copy of your own natal chart to work with.
Relevant handouts on the houses, aspects, etc.

There will be:
Refreshments provided – and there’s plenty of scope for buying lunch in the centre of Kendal (or feel free to bring your own).

To sign up:
I need your birth details (time, place and date of birth) and a non-returnable deposit of £20.00 to book your place.

Other options (do get in touch if you’d like more information on the options below):
A beginners’ day (3rd September); a day looking at the myths and stories connected with the signs of the zodiac (1st October); a day on ‘astrology and healing’ – exploring our susceptibilities from the chart’s point of view (8th October)

July 16th Social Media My Left Foot

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Back in mid-May, 2016 I injured my left foot. Mars was retrograde at the time and triggering my natal Pluto – and transits to natal Pluto (according to Stephen Arroyo) may mark the ending of ‘an entire phase of life’. This transit isn’t finished yet, as Mars’ retrograde path means he’s now back in Scorpio, finally coming out of his own shadow towards the end of August, 2016.

At the time of the accident, I checked my progressed chart and my moon’s position was exactly square to progressed Saturn, suggesting a time of restriction – and my natal Pluto happens to make a close opposition to my natal moon as well, so there was a lunar focus here – and the moon is associated with the constitutional body, feelings, past lives, etc. (there was another past life connection in the fact that the progressed moon/Saturn angle also triggered into my nodal axis…) – added to which, my natal moon is in the sign of Pisces, associated with feet!

My natal Pluto is ruler of my 9th house of meaning, beliefs, broadening one’s horizons – and my process has been one of trying to make sense of this inner journey, getting new perspectives on old beliefs, learning new stuff about the intelligence of the plant kingdom (major wow!) and trying (succeeding mostly 😉 ) not to beat myself up for the slow recovery process, which has keyed into the deeply sensitive child (moon) that I was (that I am now able to embrace and care for in a different way thanks to the work I’ve been doing before and since the accident).

My Mc (associated with ‘public face’) was also receiving transits from Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune at the time of the incident.

One of my astrologer friends suggested I have a look at my solar return for 2015-16 to shed a bit more light on the proceedings – and there was another revelation! I knew that my solar return sun was in the 12th house of the unconscious (the house often associated with ‘incarceration’), but Jupiter, my Mc ruler was also in the 12th and exactly opposed by Neptune (natural ruler of the 12th). Emphasis in the cadent houses in the solar return (which I only tend to use for confirmation of other things when I’m working – perhaps that needs to change 😉 ) is said to be more likely to affect the last 4 months of the return (in my case mid-May to mid-September)!!

Today was my first real solo walkabout (19th July) in Kendal town since mid-May and the sun was shining! I feel like I’m learning to walk again! I have an acute awareness of how all of my body is involved in taking one step forward – and a greater understanding of why toddlers fall over so many times! This all fits very well with the present moon in Capricorn (ruling the skeletal system), and I’m aware of a shift forwards which is not only connected to my mobility. I decided to look at how tonight’s full moon impacts my chart and discovered that the closest transit is a conjunction to my natal Mercury (which rules co-ordination) from Jupiter (new possibilities and hope for the future), with my progressed moon now approaching a trine (harmony and ease) to progressed Jupiter too, so the future looks more rosy all round…

N.B. The manifestation of all these triggers did not have to be an injury to my foot, but the patterns and synchronicities (acausal) can be really helpful in making sense of life at times…