The Fire Signs

“Now! Now! Cried the Queen. Faster! Faster!”  (Lewis Carroll).  This is Aries – the cardinal fire sign – impetuous, irrepressible and impatient!   Luke Skywalker’s energy could not have stayed safe, at home with his uncle and waited out the revolution.  Aries’ ruling planet is Mars – ruler of our energy, drive, ambition and sexuality.

Get in touch with the energy of Aries/Mars by listening to ‘Mars’ in Holst’s ‘Planet Suite’ or John Williams’ ‘Star Wars’ theme.  Explore this pioneering energy in other mythological stories, e.g., Moses leading his people out of slavery or Jason’s journey to rescue the Golden Fleece.

If your Aries energy needs help with slowing and centring, the Bach Flower, Impatiens or Australian Bush Flower, Black-Eyed Susan might be helpful.  And for that ‘lost’ feeling when you’ve finished a project and don’t know where to go next, Silver Princess might be worth a try (Australian Bush).  The Tissue Salt, Kali-Phos is also associated with this sign and is known for its help with brain-fag and burn-out – possible consequences of living life in the fast lane!

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“Leo’s great creation is meant to be himself!”  (Liz Greene)  Leo is the king (or queen) of the zodiac – seeking its own centre (the fixed fire sign ruled by the sun).  Think of Heracles’ 12 tasks – one for each of the signs of the zodiac, following the Hero’s journey on his way to ‘true individuality’ – or Parsifal’s search for the Holy Grail.

Get in touch with the grandeur of this sign through listening to Handel’s ‘Zadok the Priest’ or (for something more light-hearted), try reading T.S. Eliot’s ‘The Addressing of Cats’ from ‘Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats’ (or listening to the musical version from ‘Cats’).

For help with balancing your Leo energy, try Bach Flowers’ Vervain (for toning down that over-enthusiasm) or Australian Bush Flower’s Gymea Lily (for staying with the courage of your convictions) or Turkey Bush (for those creative ‘blocks’).  Leo’s tissue salt is Mag-Phos – a good one for cramps and neuralgia.

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Sagittarius – the restless explorer (mutable fire), seeking meaning and freedom.  With Jupiter as its ruler, this sign can appear ‘larger than life’ and have a tendency to exaggerate (and/or pontificate)!  Martin Schulman says of Sagittarius: “I ask you to make men laugh… to give men hope… You will touch many lives if but only for a moment…”

For a musical flavour, try the musical, ‘Yentl’ (in particular, the song entitled, ‘Where is it written?’ – or there’s an instrumental track called ‘Voyager’ by Mike Oldfield and Elton John’s, ‘Live Like Horses’ (or all three if you’re feeling the call of this sign to explore)!

Agrimony is the Bach Flower associated with this sign, for that tendency to hide worries behind a brave façade.  Kangaroo Paw addresses the tactless, irresponsible, ‘need to be right’ side of this sign, with Sundew being helpful for those states of indecision and procrastination (last two both from Australian Bush Flowers).  Silica is the Sagittarian tissue salt – a good one for proneness to sciatica.

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