Understanding your Natal Blueprint

If you asked me, ‘How does it work?’ I would have to say I didn’t know, but if you asked me, ‘Does it work?’ I would offer you a resounding, ‘Yes!’ based on my ongoing studies and working with my own chart (and others’) over the years…  I don’t really understand how the flow of electrons bring light to the bulb in my ceiling, but I see the effects when I flip the switch.

Your natal astrological chart could look something like the image here – reading around the chart in an anti-clockwise direction):

The outer ring is the circle of the signs of the zodiac and immediately inside this you have the positions of the planets on the day in question.  The circle of the signs is ‘swizzled’ around so that the axes of the chart (Asc/Desc and Mc/Ic) are aligned with the sign that was on the horizon (Asc) at the time of birth.  The lines in the inner circle mark out the ‘aspects’ (relationships to each other) that the planets and ‘angles’ (axes) make with each other.  (For simplicity, read ‘ease and harmony’ for the blue lines and ‘challenge and conflict’ for the red/purple ones).

  • Your Ascendant or rising sign (Asc) is about how you approach the world.  First impressions.
  • Your Midheaven (Mc) represents your public face (including things to do with career), how others see your role and what you aspire to.
  • Your sun sign is what you’re ‘growing into’ or becoming.
  • Where the moon sits shows your deeper feelings and needs.
  • Mercury’s position gives information about how you think, learn and communicate.
  • Your Venus sign is about what you value and how you relate to others.
  • Mars’ position speaks to your drives and passions.

It is my aim in reading the symbols of your natal blueprint to enable a greater self-understanding and self-acceptance, to help you uncover and embrace the potentialities you were born with, as well as, hopefully, to make some sense of any challenging life events which you may be experiencing.