The Earth Signs

Taurus (fixed earth and ruled by Venus) is about holding to what we value and finding ‘certainty of meaning’ (Richard Swatton).  Although we refer to this sign as ‘the bull’ it is actually a feminine (yin) sign. “… Cows are leisurely creatures that slow down traffic, bulls take mud baths, and sex is worshipped for its life-giving powers…”  (Alice Howell on the sacredness of cows in India)

The myths include King Midas, and Theseus and the Minotaur, urging us to think about what truly matters in our lives.  And the music of the Bulgarian women’s choirs can put you in touch with a people who held onto their values (including their distinctive musical harmonies) through years of invasion by other cultures.

For feelings of despondency and the ‘half-empty cup’ syndrome, Gentian is the Bach Flower associated with this sign.  Australian Bush Flowers’ Old Man Banksia (to increase energy and zest for life) and Kapok Bush (for discouragement in the face of challenges) are also ones to think of.  Taurus’ tissue salt is Nat-Sulph – good for conditions that are aggravated by cold and damp.

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Virgo’s earth energy (mutable) is more like ‘shifting sands’ than the fixed, fertile energy of Taurus.  Its ruler, Mercury brings in thinking and learning, and issues around assimilation (of both information and nutrition) play a part.  The split between aiming for perfection and seeking to integrate the ‘whole’ may bring a tendency to swing backwards and forwards at times.

Mary, Mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and the goddess Dike (Astraea) are associated with this sign.  Carolyn Hillyer’s chant ‘Magdalena’ is a lovely, meditative way to feel the energies – and, for something more ‘popular’, try ‘I am Woman’ by Helen Reddy or ‘Love me for what I am’ by The Carpenters – because Virgo is, “the free woman who is wedded first of all to her inner being and only secondarily to a (partner)…” (Liz Greene).

Bach Flowers’ Centaury is for that tendency to put others’ needs in front of our own, with Five Corners (self-esteem) and Dog Rose (confidence) from the Australian Bush Flower range as other possibilities.  The tissue salt associated with Virgo is Kali-Sulph – a good catarrhal salt which also addresses dry skin.

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Capricorn, the mountain goat – cardinal earth (ruled by Saturn).  Often seen as ‘an old head on young shoulders’, Capricornians could be said to ‘grow younger’ as they age.  Think of Jenny Joseph’s lovely poem: “When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple… spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves… gobble up samples in shops and press alarm bells…”

The myths have themes of responsibility, parenting and lack – look at the Vestal Virgins (keeping alive the sacred fire around the clock), Chronos swallowing his children whole and the characters in Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’.

Mimulus is the Bach Flower associated with this sign – addressing fears and timidity.  When everything feels heavy, Australian Bush Flowers’ Little Flannel Flower has a playful energy – and Boab works to free us up from inherited patterns of belief.  Capricorn’s tissue salt is Calc-Phos – good for bones and teeth.

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