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September 2015

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“Your task now is to accept. Rejoice. Be glad in what is. And go on. Just as the gambler might have a drink ‘to the game’ after a round of cards, whether s/he won or lost, celebrate now just because you have come this far. Give a toast to the flow. Shake hands with your friends for a game well-played.” 

Jupiter sits at 4Virgo35 as I write (he moved into the sign on 11th August, 2015).  Transiting Jupiter opens us up to new possibilities and tunes us into our aspirations and our urge for expansion.  In Virgo he’s likely to increase the urge to teach and to learn as well as our problem-solving capabilities – bringing a healthy scepticism where it’s needed (which may well help us to navigate his exact opposition to Neptune in Pisces in the middle of the month).  Take a look at which house he’s influencing in your chart – are you feeling inspired and optimistic in that area (or perhaps prone to self-indulgence, ‘biting off more than you can chew’ and looking to where the ‘grass is greener’)?

We had a Jupiter/Saturn square (Leo/Scorpio) at the beginning of August, 2015, with the energies of expansion and limitation confronting each other, urging us (indeed, perhaps helping us) to find a way of structuring the new possibilities in our lives, as well as injecting some enthusiasm into the work that has to be done (this repeats next spring in mid-Virgo/Sagittarius).  ‘Shaking hands… for a game well-played’ could well be followed with some ‘back to the drawing-board stuff’ as we re-integrate in order to move forwards again…

I love this time of year – that ‘back to school’ feel (perhaps because I’m so influenced by Virgo’s energy natally and/or because Jupiter rules my house of aspirations?) – and Jupiter’s presence in Virgo enhances that for me.  The present build-up to the Jupiter/Neptune opposition might offer a way of holding both ends: tuning into the finer detail and then letting go into the greater whole; focusing followed by blurring (or indeed vice versa) – a bit like the optometrist does when working out the prescription for your next set of lenses 😉

If you’re interested in learning more about astrology in your own life I’m looking at a 6-week evening course (Monday evenings in Kendal, Cumbria – for beginners) starting from the first week of November, 2015 (£15.00 per session and including a free one-to-one consultation taken within 6 months of the course) and/or a series of 5 one-to-one appointments (over a maximum of 6 months) at £40.00 per session (the latter can be used to work with astrology alone or in combination with energetic healing techniques – in person or via skype).  Perhaps this year of Jupiter in Virgo will be a year of great assimilation!

Love and blessings,

Helen x