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November 2016

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“Children often learn to sacrifice their authentic connection to their own inner knowing to preserve the attachment upon which their life depends.”  ORIAH MOUNTAIN DREAMER

I’d been waiting for a sense of what to write about in this month’s newsletter… and Oriah’s words (above) in a recent social media post stopped me in my tracks.

She was talking about the over-riding of our gut knowing being ‘too big a price to pay’, which reminded me that when we’re out of touch with that authentic connection, we lose our centre – that sense of healthy power, which builds confidence, honesty and purpose.  It reminded me also about the myths and stories associated with Scorpio as a sign and the unhealthy relationship with power in characters such as Hades, the Phantom (of the Opera) and Darth Vader (all abuser/controller figures) – and, on the other side of the equation, Persephone, Christine and the oppressed people in the Star Wars myth (all abused/controlled).

This has been brought home to me in my shamanic studies too – that, as a culture, we tend to move between extremes in our relationship with power – perhaps because so many of us have sacrificed our authenticity and lost our sense of inner power – and often even parts of our souls.

Don Miguel Ruiz talks about this issue (‘The Four Agreements’) in his chapter about the ‘domestication’ of children.  Domestication can lead us to, “…dishonor ourselves just to please other people… do harm to our physical bodies just to be accepted… punish (ourselves) endlessly for not being what (we) believe (we) should be…”  He even goes on to say that, “…nobody has ever abused you more than you have abused yourself…”, which, of course, can lead us to tolerating abuse from others because we don’t believe we are ‘worthy’ of anything else.  (Photo courtesy of Kheat at

Black Moon Lilith (the osculating apogee) is making her way through Scorpio just now (mean position at 19 degrees as I write), perhaps putting us in touch with the urge to explore the instinctual and irrational side of this sign – as well as that tendency to raw honesty (see Tom Jacobs’ ‘Lilith: Healing the Wild’)!  But the wildness of Lilith often draws other people’s judgement or control, making that connection to our own ‘knowing’ even more vital when choosing who to open up to in this way.

With the sun’s passage through Scorpio (as well as Mercury just now), we could use the energy of this time of year to start the process (if you haven’t already) of connecting with our healthy power, of letting go those negative messages (not a quick fix of course!) and making ready to ‘dream a new dream’ in place of the old self-rejecting dream that we may have been living without really comprehending it.

Love and blessings from Helen x

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