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August 2015

August Newsletter

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‘The old man spoke again.  “It is impossible to talk with you.  You always draw conclusions.  No one knows.  Say only this.  Your sons had to go to war, and mine did not.  No one knows if it is a blessing or a curse…”’  (from Max Lucado’s telling of ‘The Old Man and the White Horse’:

My brain doesn’t appear to be functioning ‘on all cylinders’ as I write, and I feel as if I’ve been waiting for the subject of August’s newsletter to appear (I realise looking back through my newsletter lists that I rarely write a newsletter in this particular month, so there’s space for something new to happen – perhaps…?)

I was thinking about cycles and meaning (what else do I ever think about? ;)) and wondering how on earth I was going to achieve any rational sense of what to write (after last week’s viral ‘thing’ which has left me rather under par…) – but perhaps it is not the ‘rational’ which is important just now…

My natal planet of communication and thinking is undergoing some stress, with Chiron’s opposition and a quincunx from Uranus happening at the same time.  Sometimes I’m a bit like a mobile phone that’s forgotten how to predict the next word… and other times a word ‘appears’ like magic and fits like the proverbial glove!

Looking back through the repeating cycles of the planets can give us insight into what’s happening now – but not always.  And if we try to ‘pin it down’ too soon – draw conclusions too soon – we can lose the meaning in the process of trying to find it (as well as forgetting to live the moments of our lives as they happen).

I was reading an e-mail from Chris Cade about his life-coaching – and he chose to talk about the skill of ‘UN-knowing’.  He described it as, “… allowing the mystery and the Divine to reveal to me what I most need to know…” – I can certainly resonate with that just now…

And meaning isn’t a universal thing… we need to give it time… meditate upon it… take a break from it… and find our own meaning in the circumstances of our lives.  In the story quoted above (see link), the man’s neighbours always think they know the meaning of what befalls him and he is content to wait and let it unfold – he knows that he doesn’t know and that is enough for him…

This also resonates with the studies of Neil Douglas-Klotz (about the words of the ‘Aramaic Jesus’).  Neil talks about the Jewish practice of ‘midrash’ and the Sufi Muslim practice of ‘tawil’, where the reader is free to interpret the scriptures from the multiple meanings possible in the Middle Eastern languages – and come up with their own understanding of what it means in their daily life (and yes, you can use astrology in that way too 😉 )

How about allowing your life to unfold rather than trying to pin it down…?

Summer blessings!

Helen x