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“The soul-contract (for north node in Leo) is to find a way actually to make a positive difference in the lives of the very people, who, formerly, would have burned him or her at the stake.”  STEVEN FORREST

We are approaching next week’s partial full moon eclipse in Aquarius (Monday, 7th August – full moon at 19:12 BST – sun at 15Leo25) and everybody’s talking about ‘eclipse season’!  Are you feeling it?  David Ovason (I’m sure I’ve mentioned before) talks about an eclipse needing to fall within one degree of an aspect to a natal position to affect you personally (take a look at what angles/planets you have around 15degrees25 of the fixed signs (see healing essences below) and/or which houses of your chart this degree of Leo and Aquarius falls in) and that the impact will have the ‘flavour’ of the particular planet involved.  In an archived e-mail I found from Ingrid Naiman, she suggests that the eclipse heightens what we bring to it (so it might be good to focus on thinking/doing what you would like to have more of during eclipse season?)  Both writers talk about the time-span of the eclipse spreading out forwards and backwards from the time of the event (lunar ones are short-lived on the whole, but the solar one on 21st August lasts for 2 minutes and 40 seconds with the influence of an hour-long eclipse spreading out 6 months before and after that event).

The quotation above comes from Steven Forrest’s ‘Yesterday’s Sky’ (eclipse season usually happens in the signs where the nodal axis falls) where he talks about people with south node in Aquarius (therefore north node in Leo) processing and balancing energies from lifetimes where they were outsiders, rebels, etc.  Steven suggests that Leo on the north node needs to find a way to be heard this time around (with both Barack Obama and Diana, Princess of Wales examples of this combination).  It might be useful to look at the polarity between the rebel and the leader, the outsider and the ‘shining light’ (Aquarius/Leo) with regard to the particular life circumstances (natal houses) affected for you during this eclipse season.

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Bringing in some healing essences for the fixed signs:

  • Leo’s Bach Flower is Vervain – helping to balance over-enthusiasm and lack of humility, with Gymea Lily (Australian Bush Flower Essences) also supporting this and helping Leos to stay with their goals and not be negatively affected by others’ projections.
  • Aquarius’ Bach Flower is Water Violet – helping to balance reserved and distant qualities with a sense of loving non-attachment. Debbie Sellwood also suggests Illawarra Flame Tree (ABFE) for that tendency to rebellion.
  • Taurus’ Bach Flower is Gentian – helping to bring endurance and spiritual strength to balance the tendency to depression and fear of the new, with Old Man Banksia (ABFE) supporting energy levels and the thyroid.
  • Scorpio’s Bach Flower is Chicory – helping to find a sense of purpose to offset possessive and controlling qualities, with Dagger Hakea (ABFE) helping with letting go of bitterness and grudges.


We’re also due for Mercury’s next retrograde phase (13th August – 5th September, 2017 from 11Virgo37 back to 28Leo25), which may press buttons around unfinished business, organization and practicality (Virgo/earth) as well as bring some abortive attempts to begin something creative/spontaneous (Leo/fire).  Making time for reflection and your own inner processing can help offset (or, at least, keep you calmer during 😉 ) the usual Mercurial glitches!


If you’d like to look at any of this in more depth in your own chart, please do get in touch to arrange a consultation.


Love and blessings from Helen x