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“The earth and its inhabitants are presently engaged in a powerful time of transformation when the old is giving way to the new. In other words, we are dissolving, not evolving.” The words of her teacher quoted by CHRISTINE R. PAGE

The Galactic Centre has been mentioned to me a couple of times over the last week and the quotation above is taken from a book written by Christine Page (‘2012 and the Galactic Centre: The Return of the Great Mother’).

What is the Galactic Centre? Christine’s teacher described it as ‘the heart of the Great Mother’ and it lies in the heavens, accessed through what is known as the Dark Rift of the Milky Way. He went on to say, “For the first time in 26,000 years (the length of the astrological Great Year), the sun is most closely aligned with…”, this Dark Rift – giving us the ability to “…travel this road metaphorically…”, in order to, “… experience the fullness of our potentiality…”

Quite a claim! But this does coincide, apparently, with the Mayan 36-year ‘dark period’ (from the 1980s to just before the year 2020) which, “… encompasses the end of the world of their fourth sun and the birth of their fifth world at sunrise on December 21, 2012.”

The Astrological Ages have also been mentioned to me in the last week (the Mayan calendar stopped at the end of an Age, perhaps?), particularly with regard to the difficulty in timing the ages and their cusps (we are supposed to be in the cusp between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius in these years as I understand it, and, in Christine’s book she dates the end of the Age of Pisces as 2100). It is difficult over such vast periods of time to be precise I feel, but we can see changes in the mythology and ancient practices which tally with the astrological signs. Alice O. Howell (‘Jungian Synchronicity in Astrological Signs and Ages’), for example, talks about the Age of Taurus (from 4000-2000 BCE – Christine Page ibid) seeing the rise of agriculture and the cult of bull worship, with the consequent Age of Aries (2000 BCE to 0 CE) seeing monotheism, the birth of the collective ego and a shift from ‘matriarchy’ to ‘patriarchy’, the slaying of the bull and the ‘rising’ of the ram (Jason’s Golden Fleece, etc.). The Age of Pisces brought the ‘fishermen’ of course!

(Photo of Milky Way courtesy of AEyZRiO at

Lynn Koiner associates the degree of the Galactic Centre (currently around 27 degrees Sagittarius) with intuition and sensitivity to colour, sound and vibration (Ray IV for the theosophists among us), but the sensitivity is not like Neptunian energy, she says – more like Uranus in its ‘over-stimulation’ – and needing, “… to connect with some sort of spiritual discipline to assist in regulating (its) energies.”

And what does this have to do with now? Well… last Sunday’s (3rd December, 2017) full moon in Gemini coincided with Mercury’s retrograde through Sagittarius, closely conjunct Saturn at 28 degrees of the sign (Lynn Koiner says she gives a couple of degrees of orb on either side when working with this, so Mercury might be counted as being under its influence as well). A time, perhaps, for us to contemplate ‘the fullness of our potentiality’ during Mercury’s 3-week retrograde – and, with Neptune’s very close square to the lunation degree, we have access to compassion and transcendence alongside the discipline of Saturn (see attached Social Media post for my musings on the full moon itself).

Symbolism – I find it endlessly fascinating! But let’s beware of trying to fix it in stone and make somebody else wrong because of what they make of it for themselves, or for who or what they choose to worship!

Love and blessings in these changing times from Helen x