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“Saturn’s approach to faith is not like (Jupiter’s).  He takes away the crutches.  He shows us darkness, impossibility, certain defeat.  The he asks: “Do you still have faith?”  STEVEN FORREST

There’s often work to be done in the area that Saturn is triggering in our charts.  The tasks he sets us can bring us to a place of integrity and self-sufficiency, to a place where we don’t need any outer approval – but it’s not easy!  And, as he’s getting ready for his next retrograde period (moving back from 27Sagittarius47 on 6th April – to 21Sagittarius10 on 25th August – anyone with mutable planets take note and for the rest, do have a look which house/s these Sagittarian degrees fall in), we may feel more alone with our process and need to rely more on our inner strength to get through.

Saturn is also making a square (challenge/tension) with Chiron which carries us through most of April, and Melanie Reinhart talks about the coupling of these planets leading to a sense of blame and unworthiness; an encountering of our own rigidity and tyranny.  She quotes Kahlil Gibran: “And if it is a despot you would dethrone, see first that his throne erected within you is destroyed.”  Coming to a centre of integrity around issues to do with father/authority-figures takes time and self-discipline (all things connected with Saturn).

A ‘synchronistic’ article (for me), shared on Facebook coincided with this square of Saturn to Chiron.  It was entitled ‘Sky-gods and scapegoats: From Genesis to 9/11 to Khalid Masood, how righteous blame of ‘the other’ shapes human history’ and looked at (amongst other things) the way religion and violence go hand in hand (I’ll provide a link for those of you who would like to read some more).  The scapegoat theme also reminded me of the intensely moving film made about Jeanne d’Arc, starring Milla Jovovich, which also has the most amazing scenes where the Devil’s Advocate figure (played by Dustin Hoffman) takes away Jeanne’s ‘crutches’ and faces her with her doubt, fear and sense of unworthiness.  This facing of self, though, is actually the thing which brings her to the inner knowing that she needs in order to die without the absolution of the church.

It’s also time for another Mercury retrograde (oh joy!) from 9th April through 3rd May, 2017 (from 4Taurus50 – 24Aries15) providing more inward energy for us to reflect on all this along with the occasional (or frequent) glitches in communication and transport, etc., which often accompany.  And this reminds me: how is your Venus retrograde in Aries progressing (see last month’s newsletter for that one)?

For me, this is the time leading up to my second Saturn return.  I was born with Saturn in early Capricorn, and I’ve been having very strong reminders to look after my skeletal health!

Love, blessings and fruitful retrogrades!

Helen x

P.S. I’m giving a presentation at the AGM of the Association for Therapeutic Healers (ATH) in London (flyer attached) on Saturday, 13th May in case you’re interested – and offering some day workshops based on this during the year.  (Do get in touch if you’d like a flyer and are not on my newsletter list.)