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February 2015

February Newsletter

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“A thought is harmless until we believe it.  It’s not our thoughts, but our attachment to our thoughts, that causes suffering.”  BYRON KATIE

Words are symbols that we use to facilitate communication, to help make ourselves understood, to define, to argue, to tell stories.  How would our lives be without language?  We can, perhaps, ‘think’ in images, but we then need words in order to communicate that thought to others.  A combination of words and images creates a very powerful message.

I’ve been musing on Mercury’s retrograde through Aquarius (21st January – 11th February, 2015 from 17Aquarius05 back to 01Aquarius18) and the energy of ‘fixed air’ (which is Aquarius).

Mercury in Aquarius is said to be in its exaltation – a strong and creative place from which to use our powers of thought, our words, our dexterity.  With Saturn as one of its rulers, this placement of Mercury can help us with definition and scientific, left-brain thinking.  Uranus as its other ruler gives us the capacity to take leaps of thought, brings those ‘aha’ moments and the ability to think ‘outside-the-box’.

Perhaps Mercury’s retrograde through this sign gives us an opportunity to rethink our definitions and allow more of the right-brain ‘knowing’ to inform our decisions.  It could be helpful in aiding our detachment from beliefs which no longer serve us – and bring new insights and perspectives on our interactions with others.  Nothing is ‘fixed in stone’!

For February Newsletter

What about using these qualities as we approach Tuesday’s full moon in Leo (23:10 GMT at 14Leo48 on 3rd, February, 2015) and as we experience the building tension of the last exact Uranus/Pluto square in mid-March.  What does this lunation highlight for you (look to its house position and any planets around 15 degrees of the fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius)?  And what life shifts are needed to propel you into the next phase of your life?

My Imbolc has been full of synchronicities – unexpected passages in books relating to letting go of the past and awakening to a new future; dreams of old friends reassuring me that it’s time to move forward; a dream of finding rats in everything that I opened and then learning that Rat is associated with Ganesh (remover of obstacles)!

May we find that within us which enables the next step!

Love and blessings,

Helen x


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