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We’re in the balsamic moon phase as the moon in Sagittarius approaches the sun in Capricorn for Sunday’s new moon partial solar eclipse (at 15Capricorn25 on 6th January, 2019).  With Mercury moving into Capricorn the day before, we have a whole gamut of energy in this sign at the time of this lunation (Mercury, Saturn, sun, moon, Pluto and south node), reinforcing our (northern hemisphere) need to be with the dark of the winter for a while longer, facing endings with integrity and bringing things to completion before the stirrings of spring.

The north node in Cancer (mentioned in my last full moon musings) sits high in the chart for the north of England, resonating with our aspirations to self-nurture, self-healing and to creating a ‘safe space’ that balances the sometimes harsh realities of the south node in Capricorn.

The same chart has Libra rising, with Venus in Scorpio as chart ruler; Venus at this time making a very close quincunx (150 degrees) to Uranus in Aries as he gets ready to leave the sign for the last time in this round of his 84-year cycle.  The quincunx (or inconjunct) is a tricky aspect, pushing away the other planet or failing to ‘see’ it.  Some kind of compromise is needed (or, indeed, a ‘periscope’ 😉 ) for things to come together, although the fact that both signs (Scorpio/Aries) are traditionally ruled by Mars does help as it means there’s some common ground.  Venus’ valuing of intensity, privacy and deep transformation might be at odds, though, with Uranus’ tendency to gung-ho proclamations of his ‘truth’!

We often need something that helps us to see around corners (a ‘periscope’ of sorts then, and, for the life of me, I can’t remember where I met this idea in association with the quincunx 😉 ) when we’re tracking those unconscious signals (Scorpio) that part of us doesn’t want to see.  This help might come from: the perspective of another person, a dream-figure, a repetitive movement/accidental movement or even a Freudian slip that alerts us to something outside our line of sight.  What looks like ‘absolute truth’ (Uranus) on the outside might hold an inner ‘knowing’ that (when focused on) helps us find a shift which embraces both ends during this next lunar month.

‘Wild Earth Animal Essences’ do a lovely, supportive ‘Inner Child Healing’ combination to help with embracing the energy of the Cancer north node, with Capricorn’s energy bringing Bach Flowers’ Mimulus to mind (for the fear aspect in particular).  ABFE’s Boab is helpful for breaking through hereditary patterns, and Bluebell, for helping open our hearts when dealing with cut-off or repressed emotions.  And for the feelings of hopelessness and negativity associated with this sign and this time of year, Lila Devi’s Orange can help renew our faith in the light at the end of the tunnel.

For the Venus/Uranus energy mentioned above, I’m drawn back to Isopogon (mentioned in my new moon musings of November, 2018), with its capacity to address the fixed views and dominating tendencies of Scorpio, its help with retrieving forgotten skills and opening up the subconscious mind, as well as its focus on learning from our past mistakes (perhaps preventing us from throwing out the baby with the bathwater – one of those extreme Uranian tendencies 😉 ).

Love and blessings as we move into the ever-increasing light of this time of year.

Helen x