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“Writing your name can lead to writing sentences.  And the next thing you’ll be doing is writing paragraphs, and then books.  And then you’ll be in as much trouble as I am!”  HENRY DAVID THOREAU

As we approach next week’s new moon in Pisces (Wednesday, 9th March – 18Pisces56 – 1:56 GMT), I’m in a constant state of inner restlessness (perhaps due to the yod I mentioned on social media a couple of days ago which is affecting my Ascendant degree – I’m attaching a copy for those of you who haven’t seen it) – and yet, that’s not quite it!  I’m watching my energy shift and focus for a moment before it shifts again!  I’m finding it quite interesting that I can sense the shift, give attention to something that needs doing, and then allow the drift towards the next focus.

The apex of the yod mentioned in my social media post is Jupiter in Virgo – that’s where a triangular formation in a chart ‘releases’ according to Dane Rudhyar.  In this case it might be some sort of expansion (Jupiter) into endless detail (Virgo)!  Stephen Arroyo talks about self-improvement as a ‘lifelong mission’ for those born with Jupiter in Virgo – and he uses the example of the Japanese artist, Hokusai (with several natal planets in Virgo) who was apparently able to draw ‘a perfect sparrow on a grain of rice’!

The resolution of a triangular configuration in the chart (e.g. a yod or a T-square) is always the point opposite the apex – the degree where next week’s new moon will fall, in fact – so perhaps my drifting attention (Pisces) is seeking resolution – the drifting in and out of focus an aid to getting things done?

The balsamic phase of the moon begins on the evening of 5th March (that letting go/melting-pot phase that comes before the new moon itself), and at the time of the new moon, Mercury, Neptune, Ceres, sun, moon and Chiron will all be in the sign of the Fishes.

Henry David Thoreau (quoted above) was born with a yod formation which had Jupiter in Sagittarius at the apex (Mars, Mercury and the moon are at the base of the  yod) and, on entering the chart details into my computer program I also found another yod which apexes on the sun (coming from a base of Neptune sextile Ascendant).  His Aquarian Ascendant is just a degree away from my own and I found a quotation about friendship (Aquarius) whilst browsing some of his words on the Internet this afternoon:

“Friendship is never established as an understood relation.  It is a miracle which requires constant proofs.  It is an exercise of the purest imagination and of the rarest faith.”

I now feel drawn to read more than just the quotations of this man who walked to a different beat (I find there’s often a chart connection with those important ‘others’ in our lives, whether in this time-frame or another…)

Love and blessings as we approach this eclipse time of year!

Helen x