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October 2015

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“It took me many years to realize that everyone involved in the abandonment dance was living out their own stuff… They wanted me… I wanted (them)… as a reflection and perpetuation of (our) unresolved issues… we were all looking for dance partners in an empty ballroom.”  JEFF BROWN

Sun moving forwards in Libra coincides with Mercury’s retrograde in this sign, with the recent lunar eclipse straddling the signs of Aries and Libra.  The nodal axis (predominantly retrograde in its movement) will shift its focus to the signs of Pisces and Virgo from mid-November, 2015 (the north node having been in Libra since late February, 2014).

We could see the last 18 months as a time of reaping the karmic harvest in terms of our relationships; a time to reflect upon the themes of self and other.  A time, perhaps, when the focus has been to find and own our desires and tune into a renewed sense of who we really are (without which we cannot hope to truly relate to another)?  Or a time when we’ve been called to stay with the courage of our convictions – even when that has led to conflict or to taking steps which we ultimately decided against?

Libra is the sign that’s associated with indecision – that paralysing indecision which Tracy Marks so beautifully expresses in ‘The Astrology of Self-Discovery’:

“Enmeshed in the strands of a dozen alternatives… I have sat for hours… remain(ing) paralysed at this crossroads not because of want of evidence but because I am unwilling to expend the energy to choose and act upon my choice…”

Aries (subjective, active, conflicting) and Libra (objective, reflective, harmonious) complement each other (as do each pair of zodiacal opposites).

In our own charts, the rising sign (Ascendant) is associated with our subjective sense of self/our window on the world – and the Descendant (7th house cusp) is associated with one-to-one relationships/what we project out as ‘other’.  The themes of the signs on this axis are likely to be seen in how we relate/what we relate to.  The themes of the south node are about, “…the tendency that we all have to repeat old patterns, or to be defined by our knee-jerk reaction against them…” (Steven Forrest), with the themes of the north node having, “…no intrinsic energy… (they’re) nothing but an excellent suggestion,” (ibid) to utilise the complementary energy of the opposite sign to help us move forward in our lives.

Take a moment, at this reflective time of year, to contemplate and/or play with the above themes in your own chart – might help to make some sense of those repeating patterns and bring some insights and possibilities for the future…

Love and blessings,

Helen x