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“I am convinced that the main effect of the outer planets is through the unconscious… You can always try controlling a transit of Uranus, Neptune or Pluto, but I wish you luck.”  LIZ GREENE (from ‘The Outer Planets & Their Cycles’)

You can work with the planets to some extent, but please don’t beat yourself up when the outer planets (include Chiron in there as well) are transiting (triggering) your natal chart positions and you’re feeling out of control…

Let’s have a look at what the planets (from Jupiter through Pluto) are keying into:

We’ve recently had the first of three Jupiter/Pluto squares (challenge/conflict) and I’ve been reading Austin Coppock’s take on this topic.  He sees Jupiter in Libra as having ‘high hopes’ (this in Libra’s domain of fairness, justice and peace, etc), with Pluto in Capricorn embodying, ‘the relentless inertia of the way-things-are’ (love that phrase!)  Jupiter may feel like he’s banging his head against a brick wall at times then…?  And Mercury’s retrograde (from 19th December) begins in the degree of this Jupiter/Pluto challenge, giving us an opportunity, perhaps, to reflect on these issues in our own lives (you might like to check which house 15 degrees Capricorn falls in your own chart).

This month, though, Jupiter is catching up with an opposition to Uranus (what Sue Tompkins sees as the combination of ‘sudden strokes of luck’ and ‘big radical ideas’) so that might bring some relief in the form of last minute reprieves and perhaps support Jupiter in his ‘high hopes’ (this is another aspect that we will meet again during 2017) – or again, perhaps, contribute to some major shifts in our belief systems?

The above aspects will particularly affect those with planets and angles in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn).  What may appear like sudden, outer events (Uranus) may have been brewing for a while – and Pluto often acts to dredge up what has been hidden.  Focusing on what ‘truth’ Uranus is bringing for us, and using Pluto’s energy to focus on letting go what no longer serves us can be a helpful way to proceed.

Saturn (the taskmaster), Chiron (the wounded healer) and Neptune (the melting pot) are affecting the mutable signs in particular (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces), with Saturn’s energy likely dowsing that wonderful Sagittarian optimism as he brings us down-to-earth!  With Neptune’s influence it may be unwise to make crucial decisions, as what looks real now may turn out to have been a mirage.  We might use his energy to visualise and dream, and may well need to take some time out, as feeling more than usually drained and confused is ‘normal’ with this planetary trigger!  (Neptune ‘stationed’ direct at 9Pisces14 in November and he’ll be in that degree for a while yet.)

I also recently read (and shared on my facebook page) an article by Empowering Astrology about the energy of Chiron (also in Pisces currently), which was described as ‘the planet of emotional, psychic (and) spiritual knots’ (I can really resonate with ‘knots’ for this planet – and his influence often coincides with periods of illness).  Chiron ‘stationed’ direct at 20Pisces41 on 1st December, so that degree will be energetically charged – particularly for anyone who has planets/angles around that degree of the mutable signs (as will the Neptune degree mentioned above).

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Love and blessings for a relaxing festive season,

Helen x