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“Unlike scientific goals, the goals of humanistic psychotherapy are neither predictability nor control.  In fact, the more successful psychotherapy is, the less predictable the individual becomes, because his rigidity is reduced and his spontaneity and creativity are increased.”  MAURICE TERMELIN

I feel like I’m in disarray – writing this letter from a place of trust.  My website is being updated (so the links only take you to a ‘waiting’ page) and I haven’t yet decided what stays and what goes.  My energy feels pulled in different directions, but there’s a knowing that somehow this all fits together and I need to allow the loosening process, not block it and stay with the ‘predictable’ – not try to ‘get it right’.

What about you in the aftermath of this last Uranus/Pluto square?  The sun in Aries has been picking up the separating square in the last few days and today (8th April, 2015), it is Mercury’s turn.  Insights and ‘aha’ moments, and the need to think ‘outside-the-box’.  Because the box just doesn’t fit any more!  Reminds me of that quote from Einstein that appears periodically on social media: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

I attended a Denise Linn workshop in the late 80s entitled, ‘The Art of Agelessness’ and the thing that has stayed with me was the need to keep changing.  Try something new, even if it’s a small thing like wearing your watch on the other arm for a day or going without a watch if you’re used to using one (but wait a minute, that’s not small at all – it might be the beginning of a revolution!)

I have workshops coming up and plans to get a beginners’ astrology course together in the near future.  I’m also at the beginning of exploring astrology from a shamanic point of view as a project for my training (another exercise in trust and letting go of the box).  And I have room for clients looking for healing support in these changing times – on its own or combined with insights from the natal chart.  Just give me a call if you’d like more information whilst my website gets back up and running…

I wrote the piece below back in May, 2012 – I don’t always get to that place of ‘sweet awareness’, but I’m getting there more often…

Love and blessings on their way to you,

Helen x


Writing from the void

From that place deep within

Not knowing what comes next…

Writing from the void

From a place of dreaming, of unformed thoughts

Wondering what comes next…

I’m writing and as I write something unfolds…

The map I’m following ‘becomes’ as I move

Breathing in the void

In that place deep within

Sweet awareness…

And the next step follows naturally from there