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June 2016

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“To know how cherries and strawberries taste, ask children and birds.”  GOETHE

I find Gemini (ruler of children and birds of course!) fascinating, and its position on my 4th house cusp suggests that its energies are involved with finding my roots.  If you don’t have any planets or angles in Gemini, take a look where it falls in your own chart for more information on how you relate personally to these energies…

The words of Goethe above are quoted in a book by Stephen Harrod Buhner (‘Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm: Beyond the Doors of Perception into the Dreaming of the Earth’), which I’m avidly working my way through just now, after reading an article of his which was shared on an online forum.  This got me thinking about the passage of Venus through Gemini and her connection with the Higher Mind as this sign’s esoteric ruler.  The quotation below is from the article (‘The Lost Language of Plants’):

“Among the Iroquois, it has been said that if a person becomes ill and needs a plant for healing the plant will stand up and begin calling, helping the person who is ill to find it. To a Heliconius butterfly, a honeybee, or a moth this would not be strange; they would understand.”

Steven Forrest (‘The Inner Sky’) talks about the sign of Gemini as being about perception (‘the way we see, feel, hear and smell all the phantasmagoria that surrounds us’ – ibid) rather than about communication per se.  He talks about the Geminian need to stretch ourselves beyond what doesn’t fit the paradigms we were ‘indoctrinated’ with (take a look at Don Miguel Ruiz and ‘The Four Agreements’ for more about this), ‘maintaining that wide open, totally receptive state… not thinking so much as seeing’ (ibid).

The systems of our culture often stultify the ‘totally receptive state’ that we’re born with, causing us to lose touch with the innate intelligence of all ‘beings’ and concentrating on our sense of ‘superiority’ as humans.  But Stephen Harrod Buhner ( in ‘Plant Intelligence’) talks about the way we can override the ‘programs’ and reconnect with the greater whole by re-focusing (e.g., attending to the smallest detail of a plant and tuning into how it feels), contacting that part of us that is still ‘child’ in order to access a more receptive state, and/or by shifting into an altered state of consciousness (with meditation or shamanic journeying for example).

We’re approaching a Grand Cross in the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) which is challenging our belief systems.  Neptune in Pisces could help us to dissolve the old paradigms or, equally, to drown in a sea of addictive behaviours.  Jupiter in Virgo could help us to attend to the detail as we focus or to become mired in constant worrying.  Saturn in Sagittarius could help us to redefine our beliefs or to remain stuck in them (none of this is fixed in stone).  And the new moon in Gemini closely conjunct Venus (the fourth arm of this Grand Cross on 5th June, 2016) might mark the beginning of a new path… a new consciousness… a new openness… we have a choice!

Love and blessings,

Helen x