October New Moon Newsletter 2018

By 10th October 2018newsletter

Almost time for the balsamic moon phase as this evening’s Leo moon heads towards the next lunar cycle which begins with a new moon in Libra on Tuesday, 9th October, 2018.  We’ve recently had Pluto’s station direct (at 18Capricorn45) after his five-month retrograde (see my post on ‘enantiodromia’ from my professional Facebook page overleaf) and we’re having a Venus station (to retrograde) this evening (5th October, 2018).

Venus, the planet associated with love and values, goes retrograde once every 19 months or so, heralding a time of reflection about our inner values.  She’s been in Scorpio since 9th September, keying us into intensity and raw honesty, catharsis and mystery ahead of the sun’s path into Scorpio at the end of the month.  She was last retrograde in Scorpio in 2010.

Venus’ position colours the upcoming Libra new moon as she is the ruler of this sign and she’s also making a close square to Mars in Aquarius at the time of the lunation, suggesting there may be decisions to make/conflicts to be addressed in relationship (e.g., around Scorpio’s need for privacy vs. Aquarius’ more rebellious tendencies perhaps) or, indeed, spurring us on to looking at how our deeper values (Venus) conflict with our outer thoughts and actions (Mars in Aquarius).  Sue Tompkins points out that neither Scorpio nor Aquarius are concerned with social niceties which could well shoot holes in Libra’s attempt to keep the peace at times!

In the north of England we have Virgo rising at the time of the new moon, with Mercury in late Libra ruling the chart.  I’ve been keeping an eye on the movements of the true Black Moon Lilith (an osculating apogee akin to the nodal points) and her position in Aquarius trines Mercury at the time of the lunation (her true position swings wildly backwards and forwards so she passes in and out of aspect with planetary positions over several months).  Might this be the time to begin (or continue) an exploration of the expression and healing of our unique voice in a safe environment (might be as simple as using a journal to write what comes as it comes without judgment)?

Tom Jacobs (‘Lilith: healing the wild’) sees the true BML as ‘working toward equality in relationship… but especially when it comes to gender roles and the balance between masculine and feminine (active and passive)’ – words which resonate well, I feel, with a lunar cycle which begins in the sign of relationship at the time of a close square between Venus and Mars!

If you’re looking for some healing help from the Plant People around these themes, Libra’s Bach Flower is Scleranthus (helpful for those times of painful indecision), with Australian Bush Flower Essences’ Sturt Desert Rose a lovely one for helping us stay with our true values (ABFE also do a great relationship combination).  Pink Mulla Mulla might be helpful for healing old hurts that leave us lashing out at others to keep them at bay (Scorpio), with Tall Yellow Top (both of these are ABFE) addressing feelings of alienation (an Aquarian theme and also chiming in with BML issues).

Helen x

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