December Newsletter 2018

By 6th December 2018newsletter

Balsamic moon in Scorpio as we approach Friday’s new moon in Sagittarius – calling us, perhaps, to delve into the deeper motivations that are driving us in order to let go what really no longer serves us before we experience the more upbeat energy that begins this new lunar month (Friday, 7th December at 15Sagittarius08 – 07hrs22 GMT).  Sagittarius is a sign known for its optimism and future-oriented approach; the sign which coincides with Advent in the Christian calendar.

The chart for the moment of the new moon is coloured by an abundance of planets in fire and water; a very subjective combination, keying into this rather dreamy, fantasy- and freedom-loving sun/moon square Mars/Neptune in Pisces.  Saturn in his own sign of Capricorn may help us to keep a sense of reality, but with only one other planet in earth (Pluto), and no planets in air, objectivity is most definitely lacking!

Both signs (Sagittarius and Pisces) are associated with beliefs, and a square (90-degree angle) suggests some conflict or challenge around these, perhaps drawing attention to where our beliefs don’t fit with those of the cultures we live in.  This square might also contribute to exaggeration and carelessness as well as a sense of dissatisfaction.

I’ve been anticipating the exact conjunction of Mars with Neptune that happens very close to the time of the new moon and Mars/Neptune combinations aren’t the easiest of things to deal with, bringing together our desires (and our energy levels) with Neptune’s somewhat nebulous idealism, dissipating our attempts to get hold of what we truly want, fudging our assertiveness or blowing our feelings out of all proportion (things already connected to Mars’ passage through Pisces in itself, of course).

Mercury stationing direct in Scorpio the night before the lunation (as well as Venus’ recent move back into this sign after her retrograde) may help us get hold of what’s going on beneath the surface, but it takes some time for Mercury to get back up to speed (and we might have to wait until autumn, 2019, when Venus has moved past her next conjunction to the sun, before we put these deep knowings into action).  Let’s give ourselves a little time then, before attempting to translate our visualisations and our restlessness into any kind of ‘reality’ (particularly, if, like me, you are mightily affected by Neptune’s very slow movement in the 13th degree of Pisces 😉 ).

For that Sagittarian tendency to mask our inner worries with distractions and present a carefree face to the world (which, if you’re in the north of England, might be there in bucketsful due to Jupiter in Sagittarius rising in the chart 😉 ), you can do no better than, Bach Flowers’ Agrimony!  For auric protection and difficulties with taking on energies that aren’t yours (the stuff of Neptune!), I recommend Australian Bush Flower Essences’ Fringed Violet.  And if you’re on the edge of ‘losing it’ (afraid that your emotions will spill out uncontrollably), ABFE’s Dog Rose of the Wild Forces is a good one (as is Bach Flowers’ Cherry Plum).

May this time of build up to the festive season fill you with hope for the future!

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