August Newsletter 2018

By 6th August 2018newsletter

‘Let the winds of change blow through my life, bringing the most radically enlivening thing that could possibly happen.  I am hoisting my sails.  Parasail me into the place where I can connect with my allies, and together we can do the most good.’  INVOCATION TO OYA – Santeria goddess of change (From Caroline Casey’s ‘Making the gods work for you’)


Are you feeling the tension (we have an exact square of retrograde Mars in Aquarius to Uranus in Taurus as I write)?  And with only Mars retrograde in an air sign just now (and Mercury retrograde to boot), there’s not much cool-headedness and objectivity about to help us decide where to put our energies.


The energy of today’s chart is high fire and high fixity!  The fixed signs (we have Uranus in Taurus, north node, sun and Mercury retro in Leo, Jupiter in Scorpio and Mars retro in Aquarius) are about devotion and willpower, tending to stick with the path they’re on and avoiding change if at all possible.  They function from a sense of their own inner values rather than in response to the outside world’s demands and needs.


Uranus is bringing his own brand of upheaval and revolution to the fixed signs (for the next 7 years) and, in combination with Mars just now, the likelihood of frayed nerves and tempers is upped considerably (Mars squared Uranus on his forward path in mid-May, 2018 and will catch up again with the maverick planet in mid-September)!  The rebel’s trine to Saturn in Capricorn may well be helpful in balancing freedom with responsibility and reform with the upholding of important traditions during this period of tension.


Part of us may be calling for those ‘winds of change’ whilst other parts are reeling at the thought of what kind of shift that might mean in our lives.  Uranus is unstoppable (part of the great collective unconsciousness) – and unpredictable!  Tuning into what we are really passionate about and working on our relationship to our anger and assertion (Mars retrograde) could be a helpful way of readying ourselves for Mars’ direct motion (from 27th August, 2018) – and Mercury’s retrograde focus might be on action/decision-making (being in a fire sign), but do watch out for signing on the dotted line for something you might later regret (and the communication gremlins are out in force)!  Leo’s Mercurial energy might enjoy being ‘centre stage’ with a love of children and playfulness (and these areas might give us some ‘pause for thought’ during hir continued retrograde – s/he turns direct on 19th August, 2018).


And, lest I forget (hardly – it falls bang on my own natal Uranus 😉 ), we have the final (solar) eclipse of this season on 11th August, 2018 when sun and moon meet in the 19th degree of Leo (do check out which house it’s passing through in your chart and get in touch if you’d like some help with exploring the astrological themes in your own life).  Remember to look for repeating patterns from these same eclipse degrees 19 years ago and I’ll be continuing to explore the planetary energies in my social media group (do check out my ‘round’ of lunar ‘feelings’ from the last month in the attached document – or on my Facebook page in a day or two).


Love and blessings in this season of the first harvest!


Helen x

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